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Unrealized Genius

So today I’m sitting at a stoplight in the 2016 F150 and the engine shuts off, as I take my foot from the brake it starts back up. A new gas saving feature in this pickup truck. Then it hits … Continue reading

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Bob and Rose Estes

My Aunt and Uncle. Thursday night early Friday morning my Aunt Rose died. Leaving her son my cousin Tom behind. Allen Tom’s brother died a few years ago and Uncle Bob a few years before my Dad. There is a … Continue reading

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Talking to Mom

I heard a story today from Mom. She told of going to the Pharmacy in 1970 and being told she couldn’t get a prescription. Chris and I had the mumps, Margaret was ten months old, and Dad was taking treatments … Continue reading

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The Origin of the Family Meeting

I have used the phrase family meeting many times over during my short life. Not everyone can grasp the importance of a well organized family meeting. So I will try to further explain the meaning of this here. The family … Continue reading

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Mom Say’s

She can jump around in puzzles, since she stuck to one marriage for 46 years. Hey make your own rules and set your own goals.

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Mortise and Tenon joints

Years ago when I was just a small boy, living in that trailer on Mineral Springs Road across the driveway from my grandparents, my Grandfather Smith got a set of chisels and started making things. The only thing I know … Continue reading

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Big Al

When I lived in Schenectady we had different neighbors over the twenty years there. The last one just before we left was Big Al. He was one serious piece of work. I’d come home and find him on the front … Continue reading

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