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Juniper EX4300 pam files corrupt

Amnesiac (ttyu0) login: root rts_filter_prep_fields error getting rt_flags in rtentry_t Amnesiac (ttyu0) login: root Amnesiac (ttyu0) login: Amnesiac (ttyu0) login: root Amnesiac (ttyu0) Huh no prompt for a password there just login: over and over. Boot into single user mode. … Continue reading

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Network testing

A handy refresher for using iperf to test network throughput or generate traffic.Hard coding interfces bad. Add dig to Windows 7 CLI.AD tools from for linux.

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RANCID on Ubuntu setup

Best Tools for Monitoring and Administering your LAN/WAN network better!!!: How to setup and configure Rancid integrated with …: They covered almost everything there correctly for me but I did run into a few things I had to change..apt-get install … Continue reading

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