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Campfire Cobbler

INGREDIENTS 6 peaches, chopped 2 c. raspberries 1 c. blueberries 1 c. chopped strawberries 1/4 c. plus 2 tbsp. sugar, divided 2 tbsp. cornstarch 2 tsp. ground cinnamon pinch of kosher salt 2 1/3 c. Bisquick Mix 1/2 c. milk  DIRECTIONS In a bowl, combine fruit, 1/4 cup sugar, … Continue reading

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Juniper EX4300 pam files corrupt

Amnesiac (ttyu0) login: root rts_filter_prep_fields error getting rt_flags in rtentry_t Amnesiac (ttyu0) login: root Amnesiac (ttyu0) login: Amnesiac (ttyu0) login: root Amnesiac (ttyu0) Huh no prompt for a password there just login: over and over. Boot into single user mode. … Continue reading

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Tasmota Martin Jerry Smart Switch

I also have some Martin Jerry smart plugs that I loaded Tasmota on. One problem with these is they display as OFF in the Tasmota software when they are on. I removed entries from GPI04 and GPI05 to get rid … Continue reading

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Italian Bread Recipe

3 cups flour 2 tsp. sugar ½ tsp. salt 1 pkg. (2¼ tsp.) dry yeast 1 cup warm water 2 Tbsp. olive oil 1 egg white, beaten In large bowl, mix flour, sugar, salt, and dry yeast. Add warm water … Continue reading

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Garage Door Opener with WiFi

I bought this switch from Amazon its listed as the wireless garage door opener remote WiFi switch universal. I connected terminals L and N to 110 volt AC power I connected this to twelve volts DC on the red and black … Continue reading

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Cable Modem Woes

I’ve since returned this modem and have basic modem with one ethernet port and phone jacks. I was using an Arris cable modem which is proving to be garbage. System: ARRIS DOCSIS 3.0 / PacketCable 2.0 Touchstone Telephony Gateway HW_REV: … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi email IP at boot

I found a bunch of what seem complicated answers for how to do this. I made my own eventually just using bash and adding it to /etc/rc.local, turns out I didn’t need to have it in rc.local either, if I … Continue reading

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